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Murchison falls National Park

This information is intended to assist you in your preparations to visit Murchison Falls, finding where to stay, safari activities, map getting there, things to do and general information about Uganda tours. Murchison Falls Conservation Area ( MFCA ) comprises of Murchison Falls National Park, Bugungu and Karuma Falls Wildlife Reserves. Murchison falls National Park is the largest national park in Uganda It approximately measures 3,893 sq km (1,503 sq mi). Murchison Falls National Park is NOW OPEN and allowing visitors!

Fact of Murchison falls National Park

The park is bisected by the Victoria Nile from east to west for a distance of about 115km (71 mi). The park is the location of the mighty Murchison Falls, where the waters of the Nile flow through a narrow gorge only 7m (23 ft) wide before plunging 43m (141 ft). Also in the park, adjacent to the Masindi-Gulu Highway, are the Karuma Falls, the location of the 600 megawatts Karuma Power Station, which is Uganda’s largest hydro power station online. This river stretch provides one of Uganda’s most remarkable wildlife spectacles. Regular visitors to the riverbanks include elephants, giraffes, and buffaloes rest of the hippos, Nile crocodiles, and aquatic birds are permanent residents. Notable visitors to the park include Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, Ernest Hemingway, and several British royals. Murchison Falls is notably blessed with over 144 mammals,556 Bird species,51 reptiles and 51 Amphibians. With a great number of African elephants Murchison falls is impressive all year round. Aerial survey noted over 900 individuals and 1,330 and is at an increase. Historically Giraffes exclusively inhabit the northern sector of the park. Buffalo populations have spiked to over 10,000 while Uganda kobs have leaped to more than 35,000. Tourists can visit the park any time throughout the year, although conditions in the park are more difficult during the rainy season and it is usually advisable to use 4X4 vehicles

Activities in Murchison falls park

Game Drives in Murchison Falls

Game drives around the Buligi game tracks on the northern bank with a trained ranger guide are a fantastic way to see and photograph the wide range of animals in the Nile Valley. Your guide will have a good idea of where the lions are hiding, and you may even spot a leopard at dusk! Cultural Encounters in Murchison Falls

Hiking and Nature Walks in Murchison Falls

The vast landscapes scenery of Murchison Falls National Park with surrounding Conservation Area can be explored on foot. Trails through Kaniyo Pabidi and Rabongo Forests provide sightings of many primates and birds, while around the Nile Delta, 2-4 hour guided swamp walks offer possible Shoebill sightings.

Birding in Murchison Falls

Both game drives and the launch trips offer an opportunity for one to come across distinct bird life, including savannah forest birds, water birds, and Albertine Rift endemics. The park’s main birding attraction is the Shoebill, best sighted in the dry season from January-March.

Hot air balloons in Murchison Falls National Park

Enjoy the unique experience of flying in a hot air balloon with one of the following options only available at Murchison Falls National Park:

  • Sunrise/Post sunrise hot air balloon safari with/ without bush breakfast Sunset hot air balloon safari Short rides for large groups and students.

Accommodation in Murchison National Park Uganda

We have you covered if it comes to accommodation facilities of the Murchison falls National park. These range from campsites, lodges, hotels, and guesthouses. Some of these are built on top of the falls view area and have better facilities that are Eco-friendly. Budget accommodation is also available for budget travelers, the most suitable places include Kaniyo Pabidi Camp and Red Chilli Rest Camp. Tourists that love high-end accommodation include Nile safari camp, Paraa safari lodges, and Sambiya river. In case you want to stop in Masindi, there is luxury accommodation such as Masindi Hotel along with Court view hotels that have excellent 3-4 star services